Refocusing on Focus Groups

 Resolute Building Company’s “focus groups”, which have now been in place for 2 years, were open for new enrollment in 2018, as we are ready to put these groups into full action.   Under the direction of the Executive Focus Group, Resolute’s on-going focus groups include the Project Manager Focus Group; the Superintendent Focus Group; the Safety Focus Group; and the Human Resources Group.

We look forward to heading into 2018 and challenging each other to “building better”!


Employee Anniversary Recognition – February

The following individuals have celebrated his or her respective Anniversary date in February:

Patrick Rowe 6 years as of 2/13/18.

Congrats, again, on celebrating your anniversary date and many thanks to you for all you are doing at Resolute in helping us to continue “Building Better”!

New Position | New Assignment

Resolute is pleased to announce that we have created a new position within the company, Marketing Manager. This position will take over the primary responsibility of preparing all responses to Requests for Qualifications, Requests for Proposals, etc., in addition to working directly with our Business Development and Safety Director; focusing on new pursuits in the Chapel Hill area and all those counties that border Wake and Orange Counties, as well as working on the Safety side of our business while continuing to stress the importance of working and being safe on all of our projects.

So please join us in congratulating the person that has been assigned to this position, Bryan Anna.  We wish Bryan the best in this new position and look forward to the great results he will bring to our company, at every level!

Winter Olympics 2018 – what can we do to support?

So the question was: “What can we do to support, and get involved with the Winter Olympics this year?”

The answer: follow the sport, follow an athlete!

Each Resolute employee randomly drew a sport to support and then he/she selected an athlete to follow.  See the chart!  Folks are really engaged and some of them are corresponding via email or text with some of the Athletes!  Go USA!

Resolute Winter Olympics

Employee Anniversary Recognition – January

The following individuals have celebrated his or her respective Anniversary date:

Mark Anna 1 year as of 1/9/18

Doug Kirk 1 year as of 1/17/18

Monica Jones 19 years as of 1/25/18.

Congrats, again, to each of you that have celebrated the respective anniversary date and many thanks to each of you for all you are doing at Resolute in helping us to continue “Building Better”!