Contract Awarded

Resolute has been awarded the contract for the Murphy Media Renovation project at NCSU.

Habitat for Humanity Event Update

Congrats to those of you that participated in the yesterday’s Habitat event in Chapel.  Included are pictures of the 1st shift and 2nd shift crews.  Each crew surpassed the Habitat’s Management Team expectations with our energy level, attention to detail, safety and overall comradery of our team members and company!  We even exceeded their schedule goals for the day and they want us to come back again….

 In addition, special thank you for those that could not attend and that stayed in the office or at the jobsites to provide coverage while others did attend.


3rd Year Supporting the National Red Nose Day

Guess what??? Yep…it’s here again. May 24th is the National Red Nose Day and this will be our 3rd year of supporting this event. On Monday at the staff meeting RED NOSES, RED PENS, RED WRIST BANDS, RED PiNS were passed out to all employees. So what are you doing for today’s event? Please take a minute and if you are interested in participating, drop by Walgreens, spend a buck and buy you and your family members a red nose, then put it on, take a goofy picture and send it in to share with others in the office. Some of you may have them already on your jobsites, so take a team picture there and send it in! More to come.

Employee Anniversary Recognition – May

The following individuals have celebrated his or her respective Anniversary date:

Mychal Hunter1 year as of 5/8/18.

Congrats, again, on celebrating your 1 year anniversary with Resolute and many thanks to you for all you are doing at Resolute in helping us to continue “Building Better”!


Frankie’s Family Fun Day

The Resolute Frankie’s family outing was held Saturday, May 5th, from 11-3, including lunch at 12. A fun time was had by all employees and immediate family members that attended.

Resolute and Habitat

Resolute has been invited to participate on our first Habitat in years.  This project is located in Chapel Hill and will be a great time for us to “give back” to our community.  So, with that said, we are looking at participating on 5/23/18. We are truly looking forward to “giving” back to our community and this project in Chapel Hill will be one of the last ones that Habitat will do for years. Resolute team members interested in participating are requested to register at the following link:

Friends and relatives may be included to help out too; however, if Resolute employees fill up the slots, any guests may have to wait until another time.

Welcome Announcement

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Jeremy Thompson, Project Manager.  Jeremy joined us Wednesday, May 2, 2018, and has been assigned at the Project Manager for our SECU projects, working with Philip and Doug, as well as the Project Manager for the Bell Leadership project, working with Tom and Edward.  Welcome, Jeremy, to the Resolute team and Building Better.

Friday Night at the Wake County Speedway

10 lucky people from Resolute will have the opportunity to attend any Friday night race at the Wake County Speedway this season, compliments of Accent Imaging.

Opening of Stancell Drive Car Wash – Clean Wheels Autowash

Congrats again to the Stancell Team for getting the final certificate of occupancy on April 4th, 2018,  so the Owner wash was able to open on April 5th.  The car wash will be open from 8am to 5pm, so please try and go by there to get your car cleaned. Many thanks again to all of you that have been involved with getting this project finished.  It was truly a TEAM effort, bottom up and top down.  Operating as Clean Wheels, it is locally owned and operated, and is Chapel Hill’s first and only full service car wash.

Clean Wheels Autowash


Employee Anniversary Recognition – April

The following individuals have celebrated his or her respective Anniversary date:

Bridgette Leftridge-Torian 21 years as of 4/7/18. Wow!

Congrats, again, on celebrating your anniversary date and many thanks to you for all you are doing at Resolute in helping us to continue “Building Better”!


New Hire

We are pleased to announce that Chad Gantt joined the Resolute team on Monday, April 16, 2018, and has been assigned to the Cambridge Village of Apex projects as the Project Manager. Welcome, Chad, to the Resolute team and Building Better.

New Hire

We are pleased to announce that Stephanie (Steph) Maslouski joined our team on Monday, March 26, 2018. She has been assigned to the Fayetteville Airport project as an APM, working with Dan, Leroy, Bridgette and Philip. Welcome, Stephanie, to the Resolute team and Building Better!

Safety 24/7

At the April Superintendents meeting, Matt Berry led the office in an open discussion on safety and Chapters 3 and 4 of the book, Safety 24/7.

Contract Awarded

Resolute has been advised by the Architect, ADW, our partners at Garner and WCCC, that we have been awarded the Southern Pines Fire Station. The low bidder had an error in their bid and had to withdraw. Congrats to the Bid Team that pushed this one forward.
The Construction Team will be comprised of Hyatt Field, Doug Kirk and David Shaw with support from Rick Reno and Dan Shields. We wish them well as we finally get to prove our ability to achieve success on this fire station project.


On behalf of Resolute Building Company and all of our team members, we extend our special congratulations and THANKS to Dan Shields for his years of service with the company.  Dan celebrated 20 years with Resolute on March 2, 2018.  On this milestone anniversary we would like to say “Outstanding job Dan and we appreciate everything you have done over the years with Resolute and the Resolute Family!  Here’s to another 20!”


Refocusing on Focus Groups

 Resolute Building Company’s “focus groups”, which have now been in place for 2 years, were open for new enrollment in 2018, as we are ready to put these groups into full action.   Under the direction of the Executive Focus Group, Resolute’s on-going focus groups include the Project Manager Focus Group; the Superintendent Focus Group; the Safety Focus Group; and the Human Resources Group.

We look forward to heading into 2018 and challenging each other to “building better”!