4th Qtr. Safety Huddle Topic and Ice Cream Social

Safety Huddle Topic:  The Chilling Truth about Brain Freeze

Be Aware – Hundreds of thousands of workers suffer from this each year while taking a break or at lunch while on the jobsite.

Ever wonder why you get a cranium cramp every time you down a pint of your favorite ice cream? Is it possible that your brain secretly hates the creamy goodness of that 32 oz Blizzard? How can you say no to the refreshing sip of a Big Gulp on that 99-degree-morning break?


When that frozen delight you were so much craving makes contact with the roof of your mouth, it can set off a nerve reaction that causes the blood vessels in your brain to swell.  Yikes! When the blood vessels in your brain swell, you get a headache.   Luckily this usually last less than a minute.


To make the headache go away, the key is to warm the roof of your mouth back up, thereby constricting or narrowing the blood vessels. The simplest was to do this is to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. You can also try drinking some warm water, or other warm liquid.


Eat your frozen treats slowly and give yourself breaks between bites, or gulps, to let your mouth warm up.

Know your hazard and be prepared to correct. Be alert to the potential consequences in this situation to you and your co-workers, and take the necessary steps to prevent.

If you can remember these simple guidelines, we can reduce our risk for Brain Freeze on the job. All employees are invited to practice these skills at the IceCream Social, Monday, September 14th immediately following the Superintendent’s meeting.